Quiet year for this blog - Hello world (2)

It has been an awfully quiet year for this blog. Or to put it more direct: I have completely neglected this blog for more than a year. It has not been forgotten though, and I did update the style of the blog in the past year. No new posts though.

We will give it another try. A fresh new start. As another way to keep myself to the intention to write more on this blog, I will give you a short list of possible subjects for future posts:

  • Online software (SAAS), in many ways a blessing for the IT department?
  • Blackberry vs iPhone
  • PDFdocs Compare vs. Workshare revisited
  • Microsoft Office Communications Server and Videoconferencing
  • Law firms and the crisis: is the landscape changing?
  • Open source software, slowly making its way into the office
  • Google Apps for your firm
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Bram Braakman • 17 October 2009
Archived under: General


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