Chrome River - Online Expense Reporting

Last week I had the honor to take a look at Chrome River Expense - online software for expense reporting. The software is build in Adobe Flex and seems to fit well in the category "next generation web applications". Web based software that feels like desktop software.

From their website,

"Chrome River Expense is an online expense reporting and management service that is built from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of professional services organizations. With no up-front hardware or software costs and a solution that is quickly deliverable to users around the globe, Chrome River Expense improves your firm's operations and provides a virtually instant return on investment."

Chrome River screenshot
Chrome River Screenshot (image from Chrome River website)

At first, I thought of expense reporting as something that would commonly be part of a financial management system (or practice management system). Chrome River chose to focus on only one business process and - so it seems - does that really well. The software covers every imaginable aspect of expense report and is easily accessible through a user friendly interface. Of course, it will take some effort to get everyone in a firm/organization to use the software correctly, but in the end it will make life a lot easier for everyone. Also, by keeping better track of your expenses, more will be identified as billable expenses and thus end up on your client's invoices.

Chrome River Overview
Chrome River Overview (click image for larger version)

The software has been specifically built for legal (and professional) services firms. Chrome Rivers' founders have years of experience in the legal software industry - they were previously employed with Thomson Elite. The software is offered on a "SAAS" - software as a service - model, running on hosted servers (at an ISP). I am a silent fan of software that is offered online and where you pay for the use of a product (and support) instead of purchasing a license (and then having to pay a yearly fee for maintenance and support). Unfortunately, most firms are still holding on to the more traditional approach of having everything on your own servers.

Maybe more about Chrome River later...

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Bram Braakman • 22 June 2008
Archived under: Reviews


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